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INSTRUCTIONS: For each question, drag and drop your answers to sort them in order of relevance. Your top answer should be the one that feels most like your authentic self; the bottom answer should be least relevant.

1. My friends would describe me as...
  • Peacemaking and Diplomatic
  • Collaborative and Organized
  • Healing and Compassionate
  • Visionary and Creative
  • Knowledgeable and Patient
  • Observant and Inquisitive
2. I tend to help groups of people...
  • Brainstorm ideas and make decisions
  • Come to mutual understanding
  • Learn about topics or skills
  • Create strategies and plans
  • Express their feelings
  • Manage relational conflict
3. I would prefer to host a workshop for a group where I...
  • Help the group to create a practical plan to change their life, organization, or society
  • Teach the group about a concept in an interactive way
  • Ask the group to share their perspectives on a topic in an open discussion
  • Guide the group through exercises where they confront and address personal and relational challenges
  • Help the group weigh the pros and cons of decisions in their life and help them choose a way forward
  • Guide the group through artistic, therapeutic, and connective exercises
4. My ideal job includes working with people who...
  • Have big hearts and nurturing spirits
  • Ensure their is fairness and justice in the world
  • Enjoy connecting people and developing win-win solutions
  • Love exploring future possibilities
  • Are deeply intellectual and love engaging in conversations
  • Are creative and passionate about sharing ideas
5. If successful in my mission as a facilitative leader I would…
  • Ensure people’s perspectives influence the transformation of society
  • Spread truth and knowledge
  • Empower people to have healthy relationships
  • Support people in understanding diverse perspectives
  • Help people transition from the old to new
  • Transform people’s emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing
6. In my daily life I would like to...
  • Help a group who have diverse ideologies with decision-making
  • Help an organization strategize about their future and create a tangible plan for growth
  • Help people navigate their relational tensions
  • Support people in processing intense emotions and experiences
  • Listen to people who have different perspectives than me
  • Create engaging ways to teach people about topics I specialize in


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