Facilitation Career Counseling Call


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LAUNCHING SOON! Thank you for your patience as I prepare to launch this service. 

This is a 2 hour group zoom meeting Malia offers to support emerging facilitators with career development. Malia guides a small group through a series of interactive activities and reflections that help participants with:

  • Finding your facilitation niche / speciality
  • Learning about which trainings/certifications set you up for success depending on your speciality and industry
  • Defining your facilitation services 
  • Landing gigs, findings jobs, getting hired
  • Communicating your transferable skills to the facilitation field
  • Understanding specialized industry knowledge (interview tips, important jargon, certifications that actually matter).
  • Getting connected to pertinent resources like trainings, associations, communities of practice, books, and frameworks that are tailored to your facilitation goals and interests.
  • General Facilitation Q&A

Malia has conducted over 50 facilitation career counseling calls with facilitators in the past 1.5 years. She has become a sought after resource in the facilitation field helping people navigate the emerging industry, establish themself in the field, and land their dream job. To support more people at scale she only has capacity to offer paid group services.


The next Facilitation Career Counseling Call will be scheduled in the coming months! 

After you purchase your ticket you will receive an email that confirms your purchase, has the zoom meeting link, and gives you instructions on what to do to prepare for the call.

Time Duration

The time duration of the call is dependent on the number of participants. For example, if 1 participant shows up to the call, it will be shortened to a 1 hour call. If 2 participants show up to the call, it will be shortened to a 1.5 hour call. If 3-4 participants show up to the call, it will be the full 2 hour duration.


For a limited time I am offering this service half-off! (Regular Price: $60/session)

Refund Policy 

You will be 100% refunded if you cancel within 72 hours of the call. If you don’t cancel within that time frame, then I can’t issue a refund, however your payment can be used for a future counseling call.


“My experience with Malia was the most validating experience I’ve ever had in my job search! She really helped me discover how to translate my transferable skills into a new role. The container she held moved me to realize achievements I had overlooked. But now I use them to identify key results and have more mojo when speaking about myself.”  – Mika Gainer, Communications Project Manager

“Malia has deep intuition and can skillfully provide clear direction and guidance that’s specific to the person in front of her. She helped me see the possibilities based on my lived experience as I consider the next steps in my career. I’m so grateful to have connected with Malia while on my journey into professional facilitation.” – Renee Hunt, Brand Strategist


Is this a group of the same people that meet up monthly? 

No. At it stands now, this is a one time offering, which means people attend this call once. This is not an on-going coaching or career service.

Is this group focused on peer-to-peer support? 

Although peer-to-peer support inevitably occurs due to the participatory nature of the call, this call is more focused on Malia providing her knowledge and resources to participants.

I am located internationally, will this service help me?

The challenges that emerging facilitators face are pretty similar regardless of where you live in the world. More than half of the previous discovery calls Malia has conducted have been international facilitators.

This service will help you if you are in the beginning stages of your facilitation career and are wanted general knowledge about the industry. Malia has lots of knowledge of international facilitation resources she can point you too. However, if you are more advanced in your facilitation career and are wanting specialized industry knowledge about the international facilitation job market, this service will not be as beneficial for you because Malia has expertise in the USA job market, not international.


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