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About the Job

About the Position

The Associate is a project manager, writer, researcher, and analyst. The ideal candidate has tremendous organizational skills, is attentive to detail, and can set priorities and handle multiple projects simultaneously. They bring research and data analysis experience, top-notch planning skills, great interpersonal skills, and a passion for organizational development work. The ideal candidate also has “grit” and a strong internal locus of control. OPG has a fast-paced and intense culture, typical of management consulting firms, requiring both mental and physical stamina. The ideal candidate self-manages and accomplishes work at a rapid pace while not forsaking quality standards.


As an Associate, you will participate in consulting projects that assess and resolve organizational problems, design management seminars, and create strategic plans for organizations in the non-profit, for-profit, and public sectors. An Associate engages in a variety of tasks including:

· Interacting with clients
· Managing projects
· Facilitating meetings and workshops virtually and in-person
· Conducting primary and secondary research on management and organizational issues
· Designing data collection tools and collecting and analyzing data
· Writing and editing reports
· Reaching out to potential clients on international, national, state, and local levels
· Supporting and attending sales calls and meetings with current and potential clients
· Drafting and editing proposals

Qualifications and specific skills/Requirements

· Master’s degree or higher (MBA preferred)
· 3-5 years of related business experience
· Project management skills (create work plans, define scope of project, identify tasks required to complete project, assign deadlines and responsibilities, track status, follow up, and communicate with the team on a regular basis regarding status of projects)
· Familiarity with online data collection tools (e.g., SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics)
· Excellent analytical, quantitative, and research skills (preferred)
· Proficiency in various qualitative and quantitative research methods (e.g., interviews content analysis, surveys), including questionnaire design (preferred; not required)
· Excellent writing and editing skills
· Facilitation experience in virtual and in-person settings (preferred)
· Keen eye for detail; high quality standards
· Advanced proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
· Ability and willingness to quickly learn new methods, tasks, and information
· Must have a desire to work in a goal-oriented, fast-paced environment
· Must have the ability to work well with others and be extremely flexible and mature -this position requires continual interaction with individuals from a variety of backgrounds
· Must be flexible with hours and occasional travel
· Must have the ability to move easily throughout a room for 8-10 hours at a time and the ability to lift up to 30 pounds
· Must be able to maintain confidentiality and always represent the firm in a highly professional manner
· Additional tasks as requested
· Must pass company-mandated background check

**Work place type (remote, on-site, or hybrid) not specified, check with employer

About the Company

Organizational Performance Group

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OPG is an organizational development, management, and leadership consulting firm that believes people and their ability to work together are critical to the success of organizations – we believe that organizations that inspire and empower their employees have a competitive advantage. We help our clients achieve their best by aligning people and processes in support of a shared vision. OPG works closely with its clients, developing long-lasting relationships, as we work together to implement customized organizational development services. Our clients are from all sectors of the economy: from well-established companies to entrepreneurial businesses; from government organizations to educational institutions; from nonprofit agencies to religious denominations.


The Associate position is a full-time staff position. Compensation and benefits include a generous base salary, enrollment in a 401k (after one year), health and dental insurance, bank of PTO days, bonuses, as well as other outstanding benefits and perks. OPG is closed on Fridays; we have a 4-day work week which increases productivity and has many other benefits. There is a potential for upward mobility in our rapidly growing firm.

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