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About the Job

Position Overview

Education Resources Strategies seeks to hire a strategic project manager and facilitator of learning to help expand and deepen engagement throughout our Leadership Development Networks for K-12 finance leaders as they develop strategic resource allocation skills and tools.

As a critical member of ERS’ Leadership Development Team, this position will collaborate closely with a team of 2-3 individuals, including their manager, the Partner overseeing our Leadership Development Networks, to build the capacity of more school district leaders as it relates to equitably and strategically allocating and using resources.

This position will support ERS’ Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Strategy Networks and will also work to expand our leadership development offerings for school district finance leaders by developing workshops, webinars, online modules, and publications that can help grow our impact with this audience.

Learn more about how ERS is building the capacity of school district CFOs and re-imagining their role in our Strategic CFO Guide. All our content, grounded in equity, focuses on the intersection of resource use and strategy to inspire transformative change that supports strong outcomes for all students. This collaborative team will utilize their complementary knowledge bases and skillsets to operate our CFO Strategy Networks, which convene select groups of CFOs from across the country on a regular basis to learn from each other and to share their latest thinking. Topics include: sustainability for teacher leadership and career pathways, school planning cycles, and developing an effective budget process.

This position is a unique opportunity for a professional to leverage their skills in strategy, project management, facilitation, and relationship building to help take our organization to the next level of impact. While content knowledge about K-12 school finance and resource use is preferred, we also welcome applicants with an understanding of K-12 systems-level school operations and design who are passionate and invested in deepening their understanding about K-12 school finance and resource use.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Insight and Content Development

  • Develop session content for ERS leadership development events, including workshops and webinars, that build upon the insights from ERS’ knowledge base and adapt these materials to meet the specific needs of the K-12 finance leaders in attendance.
  • Broaden the impact of our learning events in collaboration with our Communications Team by repurposing content or sharing new insights through videos, blogs, publications, etc.
  • Maximize learning via use of best practices in technology, adult learning, and feedback from participants in our learning networks.

Project Management

  • Manage and balance multiple projects at the same time, ranging from larger, multi-day workshops like our CFO strategy network meetings, along with smaller, one-off events like webinars.
  • Marshal resources from across the organization (communications, partnerships, consulting, practice areas, technology, and finance) to run events and expand leadership development opportunities.
  • Partner with the Leadership Development Coordinator to ensure event vision is implemented according to plan and participants have an exceptional experience.
  • Track and manage budget, working with the Director of Leadership Development to identify staffing, pricing, and fundraising needs.

Relationship Building and Facilitation

  • Collaborate with senior ERS team members to design and facilitate meaningful workshops and events that promote learning, stimulate open discussion, synthesize information, and build relationships. While this position is not expected to facilitate content sessions initially, the position will be expected to be a process facilitator for events and therefore must be comfortable and adept at presenting slides and facilitating meetings with senior leaders.
  • Actively listen and promote environments that encourage open idea exchange, the sharing of best practices, and candor. Learn and apply new techniques in facilitation.
  • Support the Partner overseeing ERS’ Leadership Development Networks in cultivating strong, trustworthy relationships with K-12 financial leaders and partner organization leaders.

Firm Contribution

  • Contribute to the firm’s knowledge management strategy by developing sustainable leadership development practices and tools while expanding the reach of our content, tools, and publications.
    Serve in various ad-hoc leadership capacities (e.g., ERS retreat, ERS lunch facilitation, practice area participation, recruiting).
  • Continuously build an understanding of the diversity, inclusion, and equity dynamics affecting ERS’ work internally and externally; support and lead the process to bring in multiple perspectives to develop and enhance equity in our work.
  • Once travel and in-person convenings resume, this position must be able and willing to travel for events 5-10 times a year, which will grow as our offerings expand.


  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 4-5+ years of training, teaching, content, or consulting experience
  • Required: Understanding of K-12 systems-level school operations and design; Preferred: Understanding of K-12 school district finance and resource use
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including comfort with ambiguity, the ability to ask thoughtful questions, test assumptions, synthesize complex material, and effectively communicate ERS’ mission and impact to our target audience.
  • Significant experience in both process and project management; high degree of organization, and attention to detail to meet deadlines, often within very tight timeframes
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite: Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word required; Microsoft Access preferred
  • Broad understanding of and willingness to stay abreast of new research in the education sector
  • Ability to work independently and cooperatively as part of a growing, mission-driven team
  • Commitment to ERS Values: impact, teamwork, candor, learning, work-life balance, and service
  • Demonstrated passion for and commitment to ERS’ mission and values exemplified through work experience, leadership opportunities, or community involvement; experience in education reform a plus, but a passion for improving urban education systems and interest in deepening one’s understanding of the community and equity context impacting education systems and student experience is required.

About Education Resource Strategies

Every school. Every child. Ready for tomorrow.

Since 2004, ERS has worked hand-in-hand with the leaders of over 100 K-12 school systems and several states. We utilize data to inform the implementation of school design transformations and monitor the impact of these changes. Our work continues to grow and evolve, especially as it relates to the implications of COVID-19 on students with the highest needs.

Our non-profit status enables a different kind of partnership with districts and states: one where we participate in the transformation struggle, create insights together, and share lessons with others.

Benefits of Working at ERS

  • Opportunity for impact: ERS works with some of the largest, most influential and innovative districts in the country to truly transform their practices. Your work will change the lives of thousands of students.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: As a small organization, we are continuously improving, and we encourage innovative ideas, honest feedback, and constant learning.
  • Collaborative work environment: We do most of our work in teams. We bring our collective wisdom and expertise to everything we do, often tapping the expertise and leadership of colleagues across the organization.
  • Healthy work/life balance: We support every member of the ERS team in integrating meaningful work and professional growth with a healthy personal life throughout their career.

Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

As an organization, we still have so much to learn about the continuing impact of systemic racism and oppression. We also acknowledge that we must look inward to best actualize ERS’ mission. Therefore, we strive to develop an equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist organization rooted in belonging for all team members.

We remain committed to transforming the systems, structures, policies, resource decisions, and cultural messages that are driving inequitable outcomes by:

Helping our school district and school leader partners understand the patterns of structural racism and oppression that impact the students and families in their community.
Devoting organizational resources to support the ongoing learning of all ERS team members related to the causes and patterns of structural racism and oppression, how they impact the experiences we bring to our shared environment, and the ways we work with each other.

About the Company

Education Resource Strategies


ERS is a national non-profit that partners with district, school, and state leaders to transform how they use resources (people, time, and money) so that every school prepares every child for tomorrow, no matter their race or income. We are a highly regarded and well-established organization with over fifteen years of field leadership and maintain a strong entrepreneurial spirit that embraces teamwork and innovation.


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