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About the Job

In today’s segregated society, there are few opportunities for caregivers and school staff to build relationships across racial and socioeconomic differences. This leads to division, unspoken tensions and inequitable access to educational opportunities and economic advancement. It also prevents us from realizing our shared humanity and raising the next generation to value their own identities and the identities of others.

To create truly liberated schools grounded in our common humanity where all children thrive, families and school staff need brave spaces to build the mindsets, skills, and energy needed to disrupt systemic oppression and create just, liberated schools. Kindred establishes these spaces by facilitating dialogues among caregivers and school staff that culminate in their taking collective action to benefit all students. Kindred is currently seeking applicants for its Facilitator and Organizer role.

Kindred envisions a world where communities collaborate to create antiracist and liberated schools. Grounded in participatory action, Kindred is on the cutting edge of a new approach to organizing and engaging families. We seek individuals to join our organization who are captivated and driven by our mission and thrive in work environments with big goals and a committed team to accomplish them.

About this Role

Kindred strives to create an active network of caregivers and school staff who connect with one another in a vibrant community to exchange ideas, share resources, and drive each other’s belief and motivation to eliminate educational inequity in the communities where they reside. To build community, Kindred group dialogues about identity, racism, classism, and educational inequity that conclude with participants taking an action together to advance equity and support a school community where everyone can thrive. We are seeking an individual who exhibits a passion for social justice, organizing, facilitation and caregiver engagement to co-lead the work in the 2022-23 school year. This individual will serve on school teams and be paired with Senior Partnership Strategists who will mentor the Facilitator and Organizer (F/O) around dialogue and equity co-design facilitation. The F/O will also provide program, administrative and logistical support to school teams and project management support. F/Os should work towards moving into a Senior role within the first 1-2 years within the organization.

Responsibilities include:

Support Program Implementation (80%)

  • Program Planning and Implementation (In collaboration with Sr. Partnership Strategist)
    • Using the information gained from multiple conversations with families, observation of school events and conversations with the school leadership, lead and design a strategy for accomplishing the identified goals of Kindred’s partnership with the school.
    • Develop a plan to implement this data-informed strategy, identifying benchmarks and regularly reflecting on progress to outcomes.
    • Collaborate with Kindred team members to implement strategy.
    • Maintain ongoing communication with school leadership about the progress of school partnership activities. This includes sending written communication and leading regular stepback meetings to share, discuss, and reflect on the status of the partnership goals.
  • Dialogue Group Facilitation (In collaboration with Sr. Partnership Strategist)
    • Meet with leadership teams and/or school staff 1:1 to build trust, understand their challenges and aspirations, and invest them in joining a dialogue group that will advance educational equity and racial justice.
    • Use Dialogue Curriculum to facilitate dialogue sessions to meet desired outcomes – during dialogue, parents and/or staff discuss their identities, histories, and aspirations toward the goal of developing authentic relationships and taking collective action to advance educational equity and racial justice in their school. This includes
    • Assessing the group’s needs in order to modify the Dialogue Curriculum session to meet desired outcomes
    • Maintaining ongoing communication with parents and staff in between dialogue sessions to ensure they feel supported and to attain 80% attendance rates.
    • Motivating 40% of dialogue participants to facilitate their own dialogue groups.
    • Coordinate logistics for meetings and track data in in salesforce
  • Equity Leader Support (In collaboration with Sr. Partnership Strategist)
    • Using Co-Design Toolkit, support equity leaders to identify, prioritize, and take action to create policies, practices, and form ways of being that address persistent and pervasive barriers to equity in school communities.
    • Guide the development and efficacy of equity committees, supporting parent and/or staff alumni to lead the committee in taking actions that advance education and racial equity at the school.
    • Recruit alumni participants to become an equity leader at their school following their participation in dialogue.
  • Principal Communication (In collaboration with your Sr. Partnership Strategist)
    • Maintain ongoing communication with school leadership about the progress of dialogue groups.
    • Meet regularly with school leadership to align Kindred’s work with their strategy for incorporating family voice into the school’s policies and practices.

Organizational & Program Design & Data/ImpactAnalysis (20%)

  • Critical Thinking and Design
    • Contribute lived experiences and insights to the co-design practices of the organization, including staff policies, organizational priorities and program design.
  • Knowledge Management
    • Design naming and filing conventions for Program Team folders in the shared drive and monitor for consistency
    • Support the development of programmatic materials
  • New School/District Recruitment and Onboarding
    • Create and distribute recruitment materials
    • Support the recruitment process
    • Create onboarding materials for newly selected partners
  • Critical Thinking and Design
    • Contribute your lived experiences and insights to the co-design practices of the organization, including staff policies, organizational priorities and program design.
  • Data Maintenance & Analysis
    • Weekly, update the Kindred database with a record of your meetings and attendance.
    • Using Kindred’s rubrics and reflection tools, review weekly progress of your dialogue groups to achieving goals.
    • Weekly, synthesize the reflections from your data analysis as part of your check-in with your manager and to inform ongoing session design and organizational planning.

Desired Attributes, Experience, and Skills

If you possess an unwavering commitment to the advancement of educational equity and racial justice, and you love building connections among people, helping them uncover critical parts of their identity and cultivating positive energy toward collective change, this is the role for you. Because we are a start-up, we are looking for someone who wants to be part of creating something exciting and new and someone for whom this work is much more than a job; it’s your calling. We are seeking candidates with the following competencies:

  • Facilitation skills
    • Demonstrated comfort managing group dynamics while facilitating the dialogue process
    • Ability to make observations about group dynamics and make adjustments or intervene as necessary to cultivate a safe space and ensure the active participation of all members of the group – you notice who is doing the talking and who isn’t, and you can intervene without making the talker or the quieter group members feel badly
    • Ability to synthesize information for clarity and understanding
    • Ability to keep the group focused on goals and outcomes while simultaneously providing the space necessary for group members to develop authentic relationships and experience growth in their self-awareness and racial consciousness
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
    • Ability to build relationships with others that foster trust quickly across race, class, and other social identity markers
    • Ability to navigate power dynamics and develop political maps to diagnose sources of influence within a community
    • Clear, approachable communication instincts, appropriate to audience – people get what you say most of the time and you can notice and respond when you sense misunderstanding
    • Clear written communication skills using standard grammar and syntax
  • Self-motivation and sense of responsibility
    • You produce results without a lot of supervision and have practiced “managing up” to a supervisor, including pro-actively sharing information and seeking thought partnership
    • You love setting concrete goals and achieving them
    • You thrive in new environments without a lot of guidelines (we are a start-up!)
    • You are timely and prepared for all of your meetings
    • You have practiced systems for keeping yourself and information organized
  • Critical thinking and results-focused
    • You collect data (qualitative and quantitative) and analyze it as part of your regular practice because you want to make decisions based on the best set of information available
    • You are willing to change course when data indicates we should, and you are able to shift priorities and approaches to maintain excellent performance during periods of stress and/or ambiguity
    • You have a track record of seeing patterns among things and being able to connect those patterns to things that need to change or be done differently
  • Self- and cross-cultural awareness
    • We talk about race and class in these dialogue groups and as a staff. As the facilitator and a leader of facilitators, you must be comfortable in your own skin and able to talk productively about race and class with all people, with some help and guidance from your teammates as needed.
    • You effectively guide group members along their respective journeys toward cultural proficiency, with a focus on building racial consciousness.

Additional desired attributes, experience, and skills

  • Education or mental health – Our model is a crossbreed of educator-meets-psychologist – we would like you to have experience or knowledge in one of these areas either as a teacher, social worker or something related.
  • Technology – You have used the Microsoft Office suite, Gmail, Google Drive, calendars and basic social media (Facebook and Twitter) effectively without guidance.
  • Parent-child relationship knowledge – You are familiar with the norms of child development and have experience with caregivers and children – either as a parent yourself or through working with caregivers.
  • Experience with traditionally marginalized populations – You have experience working with and valuing people who our system historically has not and whose communities continue to experience systematic oppression in our nation. We are especially seeking deep experience working with Latinx and African American populations.
  • Spanish – while we will consider exceptional candidates who meet all of the above criteria but are not fluent in Spanish, very strong preference will go to those fluent in Spanish.
  • Education and years of experience – We envision successful candidates having real-world experience practicing elements of what we have listed above. This is more important to us than any specific degree.


About the Company

Kindred Communities

Kindred is a dedicated organization in Washington D.C. that builds trusting relationships between parents of diverse backgrounds and supports them to work with school leadership to drive equity and diversity in their schools and communities.


The salary range for this role is $55,000 – $83,000.

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