Scribing Essentials

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Scribing Essentials
Learn to use the social art of scribing to bridge the ecological, social, and spiritual divides we experience in our world today. Scribing—a process of drawing while people talk—provides a mirror that can help a system see and sense itself, gain awareness, and engage conscious decision-making. Scribing can take place in person, through online meetings, and also show up at any scale to bring a group onto a common page and make their implicit dynamics visible.
This program is designed to cover a range of core, inner capacities required for a robust visual practice. It intends to complement u.lab and other introductory Presencing programs, while also stand alone to sharpen and deepen any facilitative toolkit.
Cost of Training
A 5 day training is $500 (standard rate) and $300 (reduced rate). Scholarships on request.
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General Group Facilitation trainings teaches about skills and techniques that are inclusive to all 6 facilitative leadership types. This means that you should learn fundamental facilitation skills that can be applied in many contexts.


Oct 03 - 07 2022


Presencing Institute U.Academy


Presencing Institute U.Academy

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