Our Vision

We believe in Protopia*.

Facilitators are on the frontline of creating a Protopia future. 

Based on that belief, we envision a world where facilitation is an essential practice and service in all efforts to transform systems, organizations, and society towards a more desirable future for all. We see a future where facilitators exist in every industry, field, and organization doing the vital work of positive organizational change, product and service development, societal transformation, collective healing, etc. 

Our How

To support Protopia, we help emerging facilitators kick-start their career through our professional development content and trainings. For facilitation to change the world, we need more professional facilitators.

Our Emerging What

We create professional development content and share it in our blog, youtube channel, monthly newsletter, downloadable ebooks and resources, and a soon to launch ecourse “How to Build a Facilitation Career.”

*Why Protopia? What is Protopia?

 I was thinking deeply about what I believe is the essence of what facilitators are bringing to the world.  I could come up with a thousand outcomes facilitation helps with such as, collective wisdom, organizational change, shared vision, mutual understanding, societal transformation, community healing. 

But I wanted to find a concept that touched on all the outcomes. What’s at the core of this work? 

Change and transformation is at the core. 

But change and transformation to what end? Hopefully a positive one, right. I had recently heard about a new word, a neologism: Protopia. It is a new concept created because of the valid critique of utopia’s literally unattainable mission of a perfect world. 

Protopia is a neologism that describes a hopeful and desirable future for all, without claiming society will reach perfection or utopia. 

Protopia is our most current vernacular to describe all our efforts to build possibility and shared capacity to move in mutually desirable directions. Protopia is about moving towards progress, but acknowledging that problems are a valuable and important part of life.

“Protopia is a “vision of visions”. It works not with one future, but with the entire event horizon of all possible futures. We know it won’t work, that a thousand surprises will corrode whatever paths we may cut. But it is the very knowledge of certain failure that guarantees our non-linear victory and the emergence of Protopia in the world — that is to say, a real improvement over time.” – Hanzi Freinacht

Holding a “Vision of Visions” for humanity – That’s Facilitation. 

At least, that’s my current thinking about it for now.

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Malia Josephine. 

I like to say that my life changed when I found facilitation in 2016. But really my life changed when I realized facilitation could be my career. 

Facilitation felt like a soul calling for me. Something I was meant to do. When I heard the word facilitator, I heard a voice in my heart say, “that’s me.” I have a deep interest in group dynamics, human behavior, community building, collective action, governance structures, etc…  Anything having to do with groups of people. Facilitation is the art of group dynamics. 

I created the Website I wish I Always had

In 2021, after googling “Facilitation Jobs” for years looking for my ideal position and struggling to establish myself as a freelance facilitator, I decided to create the resource I wish I always had: FacilitationJobs.com, a platform that helps beginner facilitators with professional development. 

For about 1.5 years I built up the company and was determined to help professional facilitators find their way. In that time I accomplished a lot: 

  • Published “Become a Facilitative Leader” ebook & quiz, downloaded over 200 times
  • Conducted over 40 career counseling calls with emerging facilitators
  • Started a monthly newsletter which grew to over 500 subscribers in 5 months
  • Created a job board where I posted over 130 facilitation jobs

In 2022, I landed my dream facilitation job and based on my new full-time schedule I had to reassess the strategic direction of FacilitationJobs.com. Based on my new capacity, I’m excited to keep growing this website through these offerings: my blog, youtube videos, ebooks, and soon to launch ecourse!

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